Oh Christmas branch! Oh Christmas branch!

Dear hubby,

So I didn't go to the gym...
Greg(my brother) and his girly friend came over while I was cleaning and jamming out to Christmas music.
I was feeling festive and they were looking for something to do
So.... I sent them on a search for a Christmas tree/branch.
I handed them our saw from our handy-dandy little tool box and sent them on their way!
Annnnnd they came back bearing the cutest tree branch ever!
I thought it was perfect!

We decorated and listened to Christmas songs!
We only had two actual ornaments but we manage to scavenge for things to hang on it.
And! we made popcorn garlands! I've never done that before! 
Artie of course, helped out with the popcorn
The tree reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Love wifey

P.s 24 days till Christmas. 
Annnd I made a count down chain!

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