Dear husband,

Artie. Just. Saved. My. Life.

Picture this.
I was doing dishes at around 10:30pm.
Artie assumed his usual position (laying right beside me).
I was cleaning off the counters and went to pick up a stale washcloth to throw in the hamper
when all of a sudden a giant arachnid fell out of it!
It gnashed it's fangs and wiggle about in a puddle on the counter.
I freaked (of course)
Pointed! EEKed! and maybe almost started to cry.
When all of a sudden, Artie stood on his two hind leg, saw the ferocious beast wiggling around and licked him right up.
Usually your there to be my knight and shinning armor. But just when I though Artie was a dumb cardboard eating dog who wakes up at 6am he proved himself to be a protector. So know worries. 
Artie's got my back while your away. 

This dog is the equivalent of Lassie to me.

Love wifey


  1. I don't even know you, but from reading your last few entries...

    so you're helpless unless a man is around to protect you? lets see how many other stereotypes we can fit..
    woman up!

  2. haters suck. i have had a few on my blog, too! but, they dont know you & how nice you really are. :)