Bucket list

Dearest husband of mine,

I have complied a bucket list.

  1. Own a business together
  2. Learn to sew and crochet 
  3. sky-dive
  4. Shoot a deer, or just go hunting. 
  5. Travel! travel! travel!
  6. Learn Spanish
  7. Ride in a hot-air balloon
  8. Run a marathon
  9. Serve the homeless on Thanksgiving day/ Christmas day
  10. Have a beautiful and big garden that we can live off of
  11. Restore an old Victorian or Craftsmen home
  12. Build a chicken coop and raise chickens
  13. Have/Build a beautiful greenhouse in the backyard so we can visit it during the long winters.
  14. Make an awesome club house with our kids
  15. Make 12 dresses by myself (why 12? one for each month of course!)
  16. Visit all 50 states (I'll gladly go to Hawai'i again) 
  17. Backpack the John Muir trail (Yosemite to Mt. Whitney; 250ish miles)
  18. Drive all of Route 66
  19. Go on a church history tour
  20. Attend at least 100 different LDS Temples. 
Love wife

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