Sew in love

Dear my crocheting, sewing, rock polishing husband,

I wish I could sew.
Today at the thrift store I saw a very old sewing machine (that still looked functional) and the little table it came with. 
I think it was just put out on display because there was no price tag.
Which was good- I didn't want my heart to break at the probably high price or on the flip side, see that it's super cheap and buying a total dud (I don't know hardly a thing about sewing machines)
But while I was pretending to check the mechanics of the old machine, I was daydreaming of all the possibilities and all the wonderful things I can create, redesign and ruin (I'm not experienced... so i'd expect I'd ruin a lot of things.)
Know you've got to teach me the basics of two things
Spanish and now sewing.
It actually looked a lot like this

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