Dear Husband,

Sometimes marriage is hard (am I right?)
Especially if your spouse (ahem, me) is semi-emotionally closed off.
I'll admit, I have an extremely hard time admitting to you when I'm upset with you. 
And it's funny cause you know when I am.
Tall-tale signs that the wife is upset.

  • I suddenly get quiet
  • pay little attention to you 
  • And will only communicate with you in brief sharp sentences
  • Which are almost always"I don't know. I don't care & Whatever." 

You'll ask what's wrong and if you did something (or nothing at all) to tick me off.
And without even thinking I'll stubbornly admit that I'm not mad at you.
But of course, that's a flat out lie.

I guess it makes me feel weak and ridiculous to admit that I'm upset about something.
I don't know why but I need to learn to communicate with you.

Well today whilst I was going through my daily blog reads I came upon some marriage advice.
Prayers answered!
I know I have a lot of personal issues I need to work on.
But so do you.
It's not bad- no one's perfect. (although, we all seem to think we are)

Heres the wonderful marriage advice I found.

Love wifey  

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  1. Wow. You react the same as me. Must be a woman thing. I want to see more pics of you and your hubby