Dark side of the moon

Dear hard working husband,

Tonight I was thinking about our random late night activities.
Usually, you get home from work around 11:30ish.
And usually Artie and I are up and about.
So, when you get home it's late night family playtime!
Previous activities include baking, cooking a very early or late breakfast, walking Artie, building our igloo and cuddling.
Tonight I was thinking of when we watched the beginnings of the lunar eclipse. 
Watching it while sipping homemade hot chocolate and occasionally throwing a snowball for Artie to chase was amazing. 
I remember it was freezing and we {I} could only stand there watching the moon for only a few minutes or until I couldn't feel my face.
I was a neat few minutes though! 
Here's a neat-o photo of that lunar eclipse.
Space is so mysterious. I love it.

Love your space cadet wifey 

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