Dear people who leave rude comments on my blog.

Ah yes. Just when I though no one read my blog out there in blogland (except for my hubby and a few family members) 
Someone decided to leave their little nugget of negativity on my blog.

here's what they so lovingly said

"I don't even know you, but from reading your last few entries... so you're helpless unless a man is around to protect you? lets see how many other stereotypes we can fit.. woman up!"

My response: 

Yes I am helpless when it comes to spiders.
In fact. The reason being, is I once woke up with one on my face. 
Scarred me for life. 

But... I'm the type of person who can jump out of a plane, eat cow brains and dissect a human cadaver but will not ever kill or touch a spider.
Sorry if that seems "helpless" to you.

Annnnnd as for stereotypes.
You are one. 
Your the rude person who has nothing better to do than to leave a stupid comment on a strangers blog.
And I don't care if I'm a stereotype!
I LOVE being a wife.
I love to bake cookies for my husband.
I love our puppy.
I love to cook.
I love knowing that husband isn't a weenie and that he is my protector.
I love when my husband is lovey-dovey.
I love to scratch my husbands back.
And I love to be crafty!

So I love being a stereotype. I'm supper happy and totally in love with my husband and my awesomely blessed life. 
In my opinion everyone is a stereotype.

As for your "woman up" comment
I will have you know that I am currently menstruating, heavily.
So I think I'm as "woman up'ed" as one can be.

Thank you for reading my blog, but please keep your negativity to your self. 

Love "stereotypical-not woman enough" wife

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