Workin' for the man

Dear hubs,

I've come to the conclsion that if I don't have homework or some sort of project to work on, my nights are dreadfully boring without you here.
It kinda stinks that you work from 3-11pm every weeknight.

Tonight Artie and I...

Cuddled up in a blanket and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls.
then we took a 2 hour nap (he's a couch hog, so booted him to the floor).
then we attempted to scrapbook but someone cough:artie:cough insisted on trying to eat the paper and glue. So that was a bust.
Then we played with the life-cereal box until he started gaging on the cardboard chunks.
Then I did dishes and to spite me, Artie decided to lick my feet (and you know how much that grosses me out)
Then I made cookies and watched Artie try to shove 2 tennis balls in his mouth.
Now I'm listening to Elton and writing this post while Artie runs his nightly laps around the apartment!
We had a... well... relaxed night. Well I did anyway, Artie's still running laps.

Can't wait till your home!
Love wifey

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