Remember when

Dearest husband of mine.

Remember that night at the grocery store?
My roomie and I got off work and decided to get ingredients to make apple turn-overs.
You were on the phone carrying your basket of food.
You said Hi to me and I said hello.
I got in line and so did you.
and our conversation went something like this:you: "what'cha makin'?"
me: "Apple turn-overs"
you: "from scratch?"
me: "yup"
you: "oooh I love apple turn-overs!"
me: "is that a hint?"
you: blank stare
me: "we can... bring some over?"
you: "Really?"
me: "yeah"
roomie: whispers "get his number!!"
and the rest is history!

I was so nervous to talk to you.
I'm so glad we we're brought together!
I was so happy that our relationship blossomed from then on.
I never thought that you would be the one.
I never would of thought I'd be your wife.
I'm so glad your the one.

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