To my boys!

Dear Lakers,

Your 8-0!
You guys are doing a wonderful job! (As always)

and I wish I've had the time to sit down and watch you guys play.

I know... I'm a horrible fan/pretend coach/pretend part-owner.

The husband and I don't have a T.V (by choice)

and I've tried to schedule my workouts around 2nd half so I could watch you while i'm on the elliptical- but it's not the same and I'm kinda blind and really can only see yellow black blurbs running around.
I try right?
I do check and refresh your website at least 500 times during game day.
Love your laking #1 fan/pretend coach/pretend part-owner

P.s Mrs. Jensen who is also a pretend part-owner and coach, is i'm sure watching the games. So basically I'm watching them too.

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