Dear Husband,

Well, I think we officially have a foot or two of snow on the ground!
I think we spent the majority of our days this past week outside in the snow {especially you and Artie}

I'm starting to warm up to this cold white stuff. It makes everything so peaceful and pure.
I especially love our wintery walks with Artie.
I love how he gallops through the deep snow and I love how he tries to catch the snowballs.
Winter has only been with us for a short time, so who knows if I'm still going to adore it by April.

Although, with snow brings cold weather {duh!}
And well, since the heaters built in our apartment will cost our first born child to run, we are without heat.
Which means layers of comfy sweaters, Cuddling in bed till you leave for work and lazy nights wrapped up in blankets!

Winter is so much better married!

Love your layered wife

P.s This weekend we must invest in a space heater

P.p.s I can't wait to camp in our Igloo!

P.p.p.s When we finish our igloo, we must roast marshmallows with our neighbors!

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