Last Saturday we went to Target and picked up some new socks!
Our sock population has plummeted at rapid rates since we've been married.
Who knows where they go! But I was down to 3 socks. Yes 3. I usually wear my Tevas to class but I need Need NEED socks to work-out in every day, so I alternated the 3 pathetic socks till laundry day.
So yay! We got new socks!

Yesterday I was doing a bit of cleaning while the Hubs worked. I re-organized our closet, folded laundry, took down our fort (frown), re-

organized our guest room and dusted.
All was dandy!
Till...I had discovered one of my socks was miss

ing it's mate!
How could this be?!?! Were did it go?!? What will I do?!?
After questioning my sanity (for worrying this much about socks) I pulled myself together and thought its probably running loose in one of our drawers.
That night I was working on homework as always and the hubs was finishing up some work related stuff.
Artie was very gassy that night and was tootin

g the smelliest toots my nose has ever smelt. (and that means a lot coming from my family)
To prevent us from being gassed out of our house I opened the front door to let a crisp breeze in.
Artie (out if excitement) stood up and headed for the do

or and then heaved. Not only did he barf once but he barfed twice in a matter of seconds. 2 huge piles of nasty steaming on our carpet.
AND! whats worse, is he started to gobble the nasty right back up as if he hadnt eaten all day!
The hubs tackled him and put him on his leash then proceeded to clean it up.
After some examination of the vomit he found some pebbles, lots and lots of grass and a SOCK!!

Yippee! We found the sock!
we examined what we could of the saturated sock and made a firm diagnosis that he did in fact eat one of my new socks.
Unfortunately, it was unsalvageable (if you could only imagine)
Arite proceeds to be super gassy unfortunately.
Love Husband, Wife and Artie-fartie

Photo by Lisa Rupp

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