This is Artigus.
He's named after a Uruguayan George Washington. Husband suggested it and I agreed only if we could nickname him Artie.
We ended up just calling him Artie because the name fit so well!

He's 5 months and is currently teething. So yes. Lots of chewing.
Don't be fooled by his innocent puppy face.
He's sort of a hand full.
For example This morning Artie kept chewing on everything and when we say everything we mean EVERYTHING.
Carpet, toes, counters, couch, pens, hands, hair, cords, ankles, heater and paper. Basically anything in his reach.
So we though it would be best for him (and for our sanity) if he ran around outside on his very long leash. We both needed to get things done and he was creating stress. So! outside he went! Well, he started to chew on the sidewalk. Yes the concrete sidewalk.
So we said Artie No! and he stopped.
Then he moved on to the tree...and then the grass...., then chased down a few leafs blowing around and then decided to dig to China.
That was a big no no. So he came back inside and slept.
We're praying his teeth come in soon.
Like really really soon.
Love husband and wife

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