Lesson learned.

Dear hubby,

This morning you had training for work.

While you were gone I took a shower long hot shower.
During my shower I heard a knock at the door.
So I hopped out and wrapped my hair up and wrapped my self up with our soft towels.
I peaked out the window and could only see a small portion of what seemed to be your brown and white striped shirt.
"He must of forgoton his key" I thought
So I whipped the door open only to find that it was not you but our up-stairs neighbor.
It took a sec to register the fact that
A. Who was this person at our door
B. It defiantly wasn't you
and C. I was in a towel and I'm standing here like an idiot.

I was so embarrassed.
I screamed, shut the door quickly annnnd accidently squished Arties neck in the door.

I hid in our bedroom till you came home.
I will never ever ever open our front door in a towel (or scantily clad) again.
Lesson learned.

Love wifey

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