Miles and miles away

Dearest husband,

Long distance relationships are hard. It's makes me really appreciate things like cell phones and skype.
Could you imagine if we lived in the 1800's?? Seriously, so thankful for skype- although it still isn't as good as the real thing. We cant touch or kiss or be physically near one another. But I can't complain right? It's better than writing letters to you every day!

Long distance always makes me nervous. Will it work? Will we get sick of each other? Will we realize we're not meant to be together? Will we find someone better? Will we think some one better is out there? Ahh! So many worries and fears! Why they pop into my head? I dunno. They just do.I only hope this long distance thing helps strengthen our relationship and not derails it.If anyone we're to derail this train it would be me. I'm such a worrier!{sorry husband} and if anything, me worrying about our relationship will destroy our.
I hope these next 82 days go fast. and I mean super sonic light-gears fast.

Love wife

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