Dear husband,

I'm sorry.
As you are aware, i love vintage.
But I think I should let you know that my "love" runs a little deeper- well a lot deeper.
I'm obsessed...
Clothes, decor, movies, cars.. everyt
I've always tried to fit in with ev
eryone- till one day I decided i'm not like everyone that walked the halls in my high school. I'd much rather listen to classic rock and oldies than hip-hop or whatever else was popular! So I decided to be myself.
It's a slow process of reflecting my pe
rsonality in my style- but I'll eventually get there. Sometimes it's hard to have a different taste in style and to let go of the so set boundaries the media creates. But i'm slowly breaking away and am loving every step.

{My style inspiration}

I'm sorry if you find this odd, but hey! it's who I am!
Love wife

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