Dear Husband...

Dear Husband,

Well... almost husband.

We will be married in August- but due to internships and other events, we're spending almost all of our engagement apart.It's hard. Harder than I could of imagined. At first I faked a smile during the day and cried at night, but it seemed pointless to be sad or depressed. I will be married to you for all time and eternity in 100+ days and that puts a smile on my face and instantly makes me better.

You are currently on a plane right now traveling back home [I wish you had a big enough suitcase that I could of squeezed into.] After spending a few weeks apart, we got to spend the weekend together but now your up north and I'm down south. But I'm happy we got to be in each others arms for that little while!
These next few months better
come quick!

Love, Wife

[by findstuff22]

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