Odd ball

dearest husband,
Sorry I've been writing lots of list lately!

10 odd things I love.

I love learning about human anatomy
I love the way the world looks in the
I love a good hard exhausting workout
I love dumpster diving
I love eating yogurt threw my teeth
I love feeling the fabric of clothing before purchasing and the feel of it often determines whether or not I purchase that item.
I love learning about diseases, viruses and parasites
I love staying up really really late- although I never can, but I try
I love eating Jell-o threw a straw when it's slightly liquidy
I love the smell of home-depot and freshly printed on paper

10 odd thing I dislike
(Note: some of these items I strongly dislike but have chosen not to say hate coughfeetcough}

I dislike feet
I dislike stinky breath
I dislike ear wax and boogers
I dislike the smell of formaldehyde
I dislike the color combo red and green with exceptions of using them near or during the Christmas holiday.
I dislike brushing my hair
I dislike artificial orange and grape flavored candy and drinks
I dislike "mouth and throat noises" some people make when eating or drinking
I dislike Darth Vader level heavy breathers
I dislike sharing drinks with others (with some exceptions of course!)

love wife

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