Not a fan

Dear hubby,

For future reference here's a list of food's I'm not to fond of.
  • Mayo and or Miracle whip
  • Cheesecake- makes me gag
  • Lasagna- Bad experience. Lasagna vomit everywhere.
  • Canned tuna (sometimes I can eat it id its fresh) stinky stinky.
  • Bologna- as well as some other lunch meats.
  • Potato salad-ew.
  • Macaroni salad- sick!
  • Nuts in my brownies and other baked goods. It's a tricky one though- sometimes I will like them and sometimes I hate them.
I'm fully aware that you love some of these food mentioned above- I will make sacrifices and cook anything and everything for you. (I will just make something else or have my own variation.)

I only have one exception.

You have to drain the nasty tuna juice out of the nasty tuna can yourself.

Love your picky eater

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