Dear husband,

I know I swore of hiking due to a recent hard core hiking adventure.
Is it bad that I want to hike it again and go through that same torture?
Weird huh.
I just can't give up something I absolutely love- even if it causes me to want to give up and die on the trail! {seriously}

But the reasons for my insanity is actually quite logical.

1. I love the feeling of summting a mountain.
2. You feel so small when your in the middle of the wilderness.
3. You can summit in a day- although it's extremely exhausting.
4. We can kiss on the highest point in the southern part of the state :)
5. I lost like 15 lbs on that dang hike but have most likely gained it all back and then some.

We should do it when your down visiting!!

But bring hiking boots- tennis shoes will make your toe nails fall off.

Annnnd heres another pointer. I you feel like giving up, just keep repeating
I can do hard things
and you'll be surprised to find that you've made it to your car... alive.

Love your granola wife

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