thoughts at 12:02 am

Dear hubby,

It is currently 12:02am.
You might think your future wifey has a slight case of insomnia with the minimal amount of sleep I've been getting these past few days.
But that could benefit you someday!

I'm not an early bird nor a night owl. I'm a
getupgotosleepwheneverIfeellikeit bird.

It's now 12:04!
Do you know what that means??

It's AUGUST 1st!!!!!!

19 more days till you get to see me in white!{and nakie!}

Do you still love me as much as you did before we got engaged?
Are you still doubt free? What things about me irk you?
And do you like orange otter-pops?
(as dumb as this question sounds it's crucial! So answer carefully)

Love wife

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