Tan lines.

Dear husband,

DO to the fact that I am currently working as a lifeguard this summer I've got horribly noticeable tan lines.

And due to my ethnicity and luck, I tan very easily.

I swear I apply sunblock, you know me-Afraid of cancer and wrinkles.
{I know-slight hypochondriac- very slight}


I look like this-------->


Well not exactly- I have a head, toes and fingers and I can't say I resemble a rotisserie chicken per-say.

Oh. But my tan-lines 'arnt that of a bikini{I wish!}- it's of a
one-piece sport swimsuit. But basically this is what I look like.
Yeah I'm not gonna lie, it's sort of freakish lookin'.
and it's only gonna get worse.
Hope you'll enjoy!

love your two-toned wife

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