JJ day+pink eye?

Dear husband,
Today was a JJ
{Jack Johnson} day.
I woke up excited to return to my internship after the holiday- although I was running a little late due too pushing the snooze button one to many times. After discovering my car had a flat a block away from my house, I called for rescue to rush me too work. Miraculously I
was only 6 min late. But was shortly sent home due to my suspected pink eye.
I tried convincing them it may be my allergies but to be safe my boss sent me home with a smile and told me to take it easy.
Which was fine with me- the last thing I wanna do is spread my highly contagious infection to my patients and co-workers.

However hours later my eye returned to normal size and the pinky color has some what dissipated.

Hopefully I was right.

Anyway, during my day off I listened to JJ and relaxed till I couldn't possible relax no more.
{total of 3ish hours}
Needless to say I did what my boss told me too. I took easy it and listened to JJ. Then I had to get up and be productive. so I wrote on here and am now going to return to my JJ listening vegetative state.
Love wife.

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