El fútbol

Dear husband,

Now that the NBA is done-I decided I should focus more on how I can help make the world a better place.

Heres the list
1. Watch the world cup
2. Become a vegetarian, join peta and then find fur wearing people and pour red paint on them.
3. Become a nun and live in a convent somewhere in Mexico and raise little orphan children.

I decided the best and most practical idea was to plop down in front of my TV and watch the World Cup.

Reasons #1 being well, to tell you the truth I love eating me some cow and other meatly things for that fact. So I would attempt to be vegetarian but would fail within a minute. Although I'd have to admit, pouring red paint on someone sounds kinda fun.
Reason #2 I don't know if you got my Nacho Libre reference but yeah. I'm not catholic or belong to any other religion that involves the option of becoming a nun. And plus i'm kinda wanting to get married so... that idea went out the window fast.
Good thing too!
I love the World cup!
4 years ago my bestie and I made plans to go to South Africa and watch every game and be total crazy soccer obsessed fans.
But, well, things happened like no money, still in school and oh yeah. We're both getting married within two months. So sadly we had to let go of our South African dream.
Thank goodness for HDTV! It's like I'm there but yeah I'm obviously not.
I'm rooting for USA, Denmark and now Uruguay!
We should go to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!! Yes?
Ok we'll think about it.
Love wife

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